Software for Institute Branches/Franchisee and Head Office Management. Software manages Enquiry, Admission, Fees details, Batch scheduling, Library management, Online exam etc.




Version 7.0 Updated on MAY, 2019

  • Auto SMS Update On Fees Reminder

    Added new option to set auto fees reminder to student and admin.

  • Fees Receipt Cheque Status Set Drop down Facility

    Fees Receipt Cheque Status Set Drop down Facility (Clear, Bounce ,Deposited, Hold. PDC ) and Cheque status Column Display and Filter In Received Report.

  • Student Parents GST IN

    Student Parents GST IN number will be display in Invoice and Receipt.

  • Database Backup Facility

    Offline Database User Can take Database Backup Facility.

  • Centre statistics alert visibility control

    It possible to control the visibility of this Collection and Receivables, so that only enquirers and admissions are displayed.

  • Receipt Print Two more Prints format

    In Receipt Print Two more Prints format are Available i) Format Without Fees Type ii) Format Receipt Base Invoice.

  • And Many More

    And many more other features with bug fixing..


Version 6.0 Updated on July, 2017

  • Enquiry Stage

    Added new option to select Enquiry Stage in Enquiry Follow-up.

  • Enquiry Stage Report

    Enquiry stage wise conversion ratio Report.

  • State Master

    State Master for State wise GSTIN.

  • State Wise GST Report

    State wise GST Tax report.

  • And Many More

    GSTIN number addition in invoice and Fees Receipt print.

Version 5.5 Updated on May, 2017

  • Biometric attendance

    Biometric attendance integration is now done in CMIS software. Users can take attendance via biometric machine for students & staff with a small one-time configuration.

  • Audit Log / Transaction Log

    Audit log / Transaction log is a history of actions executed by CMIS users. Admin can easily get the details of transactions happened in the application by every employee. Like forms generated, deleted or edited with colour indications.

  • Bulk enquiries assignment

    Assigning enquiries in bulk quantity is now very easy & simple task for CMIS users. User have to select employee name who taken the enquiry. Then select students name from the list & assign to particular employee.

  • Installment wise Course fees

    Predefine your course fees structure based on number of instalments. Course fees option will help you to make estimates or quotations for students according to their number of instalments. User can set different fees amount for different instalment setup.

  • Ticket generation report

    Ticket generation report is now available in CMIS software. User can get details like by whom ticket is generated, admin remarks, ticket status, date etc.

  • And Many More

    And many more other features with bug fixing.

Version 5.0 Updated on January, 2017

  • GST Ready

    CMIS Software is now ready for new regime GST. Which will going to be implement shortly by government of India. Software will calculate output tax as well as input tax.

  • Optimized Enquiry Form

    Experience faster CMIS than ever before. We have done time reduction in Load - 40%, Add - 15%, Edit - 24%, Get - 74%, Save & Proceed - 65% approximately.

  • Optimized Admission Form

    Time reduction is done in Admission form. Approx time reduction are Form Load - 31%, Add - 52%, Edit - 43%, Get - 61%, Press F2 Get - 56%, Save & Proceed - 40%

  • Optimized Fees Receipt Form

    Time reduction for fees receipt are Form Load - 21%, Add - 67%, Edit - 68%, Get - 67%, Pess F2 Get - 34%, Save & Proceed - 19%

  • Optimized Login Form

    Login form is also faster than before. We have done time reduction in login form. Now it is reduced upto 50% time for login.

  • Advanced Enquiry FollowUp

    Now user can get information about students email id's, enquiry source & last followup remarks in list view. User can also update/edit enquiry from new followup window. Along with this we have added filter for enquiry source.

  • Updated Fees Receipt

    Now user can type any amount in fees receipt even if it is not match with due installments. It will get auto adjusted by CMIS software. You just enter the amount recd by student & CMIS will manage rest. Look & feel is also changed.

  • New Tax Report

    Old tax report is now replaced with new tax report. User can get details about output tax and input tax. Some new filters are also added like, account group wise & tax wise filter.

  • Other Enhancements

    We added more filters in Fees report, Admission course & source report, Enquiry course report, Id card report, Fees Received report & Installment receivable report.

  • TAX Applied in Voucher

    Now vouchers/expenses ready for Taxes. Also we include some extra fields vendor's bill date, tax no., bill no., bill amount, tax amount & grand total.

  • And Many More

    Other small features and bug fixing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always working on updates for better user experience and to enhance software features to meet future challenges. Therefore we are charging AMC. By paying regular AMC you will get unlimited updates and Technical support.

As per the policy of our company we are not sharing your data with any third party. Data is safe and secure on our dedicated server.

We are happy to help you by online screen sharing or through telephone in case of installation of software and trainings to your staff. You can call us any time between working hours for any difficulties or query regarding software.

Windows only, Minimum 2GB RAM, Windows XP / 7 / above versions of Operating System.

There is no limit on user addition, you can add as many as user you have. Our licensing work on number of branch and not on number of users. One license can manage one branch with unlimited users.

At the time of software purchase you need to choose wheather you want to keep database online or offline. Of course you can change it later by instructing us to setup database online or offline.

No, we have design software to use sms functionality in maximum forms. We might not be able to maintain thousand of SMS services API in our software. Hence we providing our own SMS service in software which ensure 100 % delivery ration.


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