It is a fully integrated toolkit to manage your daily business activities like Invoicing and Billing, Manage Sales, Create & Send Quotes, Estimates, Purchase Orders, Invoices in PDF.

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EaseMyBill dashboard
  • Sales Chart & Analysis

  • Receivable Chart & Analysis

  • Receipts Chart & Analysis

  • Productwise Sales Chart & Analysis

  • Cash Flow Chart & Analysis

  • Lead & Follow up

    Comprehensive and effective sales lead & follow-up is a simple concept that every Business can take to build their prospect pipelines and grow sales without increasing headcount.

  • Invoice

    The EaseMyBill tool helps sales staff to create invoices in minute with discount, taxes and invoice due date. Takes less than a minute to create and email the invoice.

  • Order Booking

    It provides the ability to perform order booking functionalities including Sale, Sale Order, Sale Return, Receipt, Purchase, Purchase order, Purchase Return, and more in one place.

  • Recurring Invoice

    Recurring invoices are invoices that are create to bill your customers are regular interval.

  • Receipt

    We are trying to provide you the unique tool which will ease your billing work and create a smart impression of your company.

  • Other Income

    You can manage the transactions which is not involved in daily operations of business e.g. rent received from other business etc.

  • Quotation

    Forget hashing together estimates & quotations in your word processor. EaseMyBill generates estimates that are a pleasure to read, and accept ! The EaseMyBill tool helps sales staff to create Estimates and Quotation in minute with discount, taxes.

  • Expenses

    The EaseMyBill tool helps to track your daily business expenses. It will bring clear visibility into your company’s spending.

  • Purchase Order

    EaseMyBill makes it easy for people to manage purchase orders online and for companies to get control over their spending.

  • Purchase

    An easier way for managing your business. it also organizes your customers, sales leads, purchase orders, estimates and invoices.

  • Payment

    EaseMyBill helps you see all your accounts at one place, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals.

  • Vendor

    EaseMyBill manage all your vendor information, such as contact information, email id, contact numbers.

  • Account

    Increase financial close efficiency and reduce back-office costs with standardized processes using a single, integrated solution.

  • Tax Setup

    If you have a tax which is added to every order without any complex rules, EaseMyBill application is easily handle with tax setup.

  • Payment Mode

    You can set your payment modes for your every transaction such as credit/debit card, net banking.

  • Lead Source

    You can create the source for your extra information like advertisement, newspaper etc.

  • Preferences

    You can manage the settings of discount & extra additional information for quotation & invoice.

  • Lead Status

    After you set a Lead status, you can quickly change views in the Leads tab to only see Leads marked with a specific status.

  • Company Profile

    you can add & mange your own company details. It helps to collect the information about total leads & customers.

  • Role Management

    The role management eases the task of managing roles and performing role-based authorization in your EaseMyBill application.

  • User management

    Each user has certain settings such as login actions as well as assign to roles & permissions.

  • City

    If you have an online payments arrangement with your bank, you can have the City set up as a beneficiary of your bank account.

  • Product Group

    With the help of EaseMyBill application you can create the groups as your products, manage your customer's details.

  • Items

    EaseMyBill application is easily handle & manage the product details of your company.

  • Terms & Condition

    EaseMyBill helps to make own terms & conditions for your software.

  • Collection

    Collection report manage the total collection of your organization.

  • Product Sale

    This report is show your product wise total sale of your organization.

  • Expenses

    This report is showing total expenses of your organization.

  • Receivable

    This report is show lists unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date ranges.

  • Email Outbox

    This report is explain your about your sent mails i.e delivery status sent time etc.

  • Receipt

    Use this report to print purchase receipts. You can print all or specific purchase receipts.

  • Receivable due

    This report is gives you the information abou list of unpaid customer invoice by the date ranges.

  • Sales

    This report is show total sales amount of your organization.

  • Lead Followup

    After generating a sales lead, you must effectively follow up on it.This report is give the information about follow ups. It helps to increase your overall sales volume.


Online accounting software made to simplify life for small business owners.

  • Expenses

    Manage business expenses anytime, anywhere, any device.

  • Quotation

    It is makes simple and professional quotes on one click.

  • Purchase

    Manage your outgoings and track purchase orders against job costing.

  • Invoice

    Efficient, accurate invoice process saves your time.

  • Lead Follow up

    Manage lead & follow up activity & see what your sales team have to been up to.

  • Receipt

    More easily manage your receipts for expenses reports.

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Purchase Order
Company Profile
User Management
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Payment Mode
Lead Source
Lead status
Recevaible Report
Receipt Report
Sales Report
Followup Report


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can define as Many lead roles as you want in EaseMyLead. Role names are user defined. For each role, you need to specify what all access that particular lead role will have.

No obligation, no credit card required to get started! There is no set up fees and cancel anytime. It is as simple as that! We offer FREE demo. Once you decided to use this application, you need to pay us. Our pricing is very competitive and low.

Our reports are analytical in nature. We offer several standard reports which make sense to your business. These reports will help you to take business decision. All these reports are available in a single click.

Your data is absolutely safe and secure. We keep back up of your data.We take data security very seriously. All customer data is securely stored in our data centers, and the network design ensures no unauthorized access. All web interactions are encrypted through SSL.

We tried to keep this list short and concise. If you didn't find it here, please contact us. Your question is very important to us! We answer all the questions which we receive from our valued Leads/ Customer.